The more I get older the more claustrophobic I have become. Maybe it’s all in the mind but I just cannot stand finding myself in an enclosed space or sandwitched between people.

Living on a small Island with building sprouting everywhere, with many places jam packed with people and with the traffic problem increasingly getting on everyone’s nerves, does not help. I am not against having more people visiting us as tourists or working here. I am one to acknowledge that this has contributed to our booming economy. However, I feel that as a country we need to take stock of the whole situation and prepare a plan for future. How many more apartments will we building? How many cars will be running in our roads in the next ten to fifteen years? What will the impact of this be? What about our other aspects of the infrastructure – drainage, water and electricity generation and distribution systems. What upgrade would be needed?

And what about other developments that have taken place giving the impression that anarchy is reigning supreme – restaurants spilling over in the middle of the road, beaches which are choc-a-bloc with umbrellas and deck-chairs. Action that has been taken lately to bring a semblance of order is a positive step however we need to do this consistently. It was done in the past and reversed for some reason. Let’s tackle this as a country.Our people deserve it.