A cultural diverse workforce has become a reality in most companies operating in Malta. Having a situation where it has become increasingly difficult to find people with the right skills in a number areas such as construction, the financial sector, gaming and enough people who are willing to work as care workers or cleaners, has led to various companies recruiting foreign employees. Of course it is far easier to employ EU nationals, and this is happening, however in reality certain jobs are not being taken by our European friends. In such cases getting people from outside the EU becomes a must.

Unfortunately so far getting such workers is taking too long – around 8 weeks from beginning to end. I know that the people involved including are doing what they can to shorten the period so maybe we have reached a stage where such a process only takes 15 weeks as a max. If what is being is true meaning our country needs an additional 20,000 additional person to work here, then we definitely need to look at an overhaul of the current system. We need to let the economy grow without hindrance. Let’s do it now without further delay.