In the past years I was lucky enough to be involved in a work project related to the disability sector. The creation of HILA (Home to Independence and Limitless Abilities) and the incorporation of Hand in Hand Ltd within the Vassallo Group have been, I truly believe, the cherry on the cake for this group which has been in existence for 71 years.  My involvement is largely focused on the communications aspect however, as often happens, once you are involved in something you end up contributing as much as can particularly when the subject is much to liking. This happened to me when I got involved again in the elderly sector in 2008. But more about that in future blog posts.

As from October our communications team will be involved in a media project related to disability through the new radio series Jien Nista’ to be aired on Radju Malta every Saturday evening.  As the name of the programme – Jien Nista’ – indicates, these programmes will focus on what persons with disability can do rather than what cannot. The ability to love and have a relationship with someone, the ability to be successful in sports or in the arts, achievement and challenges in education, a possibility of contributing at work if given the opportunity to achieve one’s maximum potential.

I am looking forward to being involved in this new project as producer. Jien Nista’ will be hosted by Janet Silvio, a colleague who has been heavily involved in the setting up of HILA and who has the disabled person very much close to her heart. I will be sharing more information on this new adventure with all those who will be reading my posts.